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I'm Wendy J. Allen. I work in image and artist's books.  

Although I have a Bachelors' degree from UEA (2000) and a Masters' from the University of Essex (2013), I am largely self-taught in painting but I am now learning so much from classes with Lupe Cunha at Cuckoo Farm Studios, Colchester as well as honing my print-making skills with various tutors at Gainsborough's House Print Workshop, Sudbury, where I have been a member for nearly 20 years.  I have exhibited with GHPW many times throughout those years and my paintings have been shown locally each year.

My studio is in the garden of our home in Suffolk and is overflowing with projects I want to work on, books, paintings, prints!

I've been happily married, through thick and thin, for almost 50 years.  We are parents of five interesting and lovable people who have provided us delightful in-laws and ten grandchildren and one great-grandson to date.

My images usually have a basis in landscape or still-life but I like to work freely and I love colour,

so they can be quite abstract.

My books are sometimes created in found objects, giving things another life as a readable artwork. Anything that sparks an idea, makes a connection or causes me to wonder,

"Could I make that into a book?" is likely to turn up on my workbench.

Most 'found object' books are unique but I do make some editions. My work has been exhibited in Europe and is held in private collections.

About me and what I do

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faith is fundamental to me.

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