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I want it to -

Be collectable

Therefore it will-

  • Have something distinctly me

  • Be small enough to fit in modern living space

  • Be affordable

  • Be attractive and meaningful

My bookart, particularly, may involve found objects or reused/up-cycled materials, so it will not always be archival, but will certainly last your lifetime, stored appropriately.

Be challenging

Therefore It will-

  • Challenge and develop my talents

  • Challenge those who see and handle it

  • Involve as many of my skills as fit the project

Why do I make art?

Because I love creating things-

Because I want to share the joy I feel-

Because I want to show others there is

  • A purpose to life

  • More than meets the eye in life

  • A Heavenly Father who loves them

Because I want others to stop, look and think!

I enjoy the challenge ....

  • The satisfaction of making something beautiful

  • Of prolonging moments that inspire me

What kind of art do I want to make?

In a nutshell,  I try  to make work that expresses my joy in and understanding of life;  challenges intellectually and practically, both me and everyone else! but importantly, is original, creative, inspiring and exciting - to me and, I hope, to you.

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  • When something beautiful makes me gasp

  • When I suddenly understand a thing