© 2010 - 2011 WENDY J ALLEN





I was watching a rollercoaster ride, hearing the screams, seeing the fear on the faces at the top of the drop and the joy of the downhill whoosh, when the idea for a book began to germinate. Life can sometimes feel like a rollecoaster ride, its ups and down following one another so fast we don't have time to catch our breath! ROLLERCOASTER is a sculptural book-work evoking memories of exciting, terrifying seaside funfare rides and life's little, and big, events that surprise and shock.
The transparency of this piece reflects the invisibility of life's patterns. When you're up you worry that it might not last.  When you're down, you're convinced it will go on for ever. Yet, in retrospect, there is often a more tangible thread running through our experiences that we recognise as having made us who we are.
It may be invisible but the rollercoaster of life is definitely there, even though we can't see the structure or buy a ticket.  We're enlisted as a passenger the moment we draw breath, passing from warm strumming darkness to cold light and strange noises. If you're in one of life's troughs, remember the Rollercoaster!  You'll make it in the end.
This sculpture took many hours of painstaking stitching - and sore fingers. It will never be repeated!