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How much are you worth? A message of great value is contained in this bookwork, constructed from price tags suspended from a dream-catcher.  You can hang it on the wall, attach to your key-ring or hold it in your hand.  However you read it, the message is clear.  Simply stated, you are significant!
Life's experiences sometimes leave us feeling worthless or make us think others feel that way about us. But each of us has immense potential and is a child of a God who loves us.  This readable artwork aims to help you catch the vision of who you really are.
Because each page bears only a word or short phrase, each tag can be used as the subject for meditation that may take you in many directions.  The obverse of the tags can be read as a sentence, as can the reverses, or the whole work can be read sequentially by turning each tag as you would a page.  This is a work of art that will go on inspiring you in different ways through the years.