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Time Passing

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The experience of time passing is one that is common to all.  

Its effects, however, are as individual as our finger-prints.

This project was a year of exploration - discovering ways to express the basic idea in ways that would inspire.


The metaphors of tumbling rocks, tumultuous water and the refining effects of wave action on otherwise immutable objects were developed in two ways.  

The first is a book that hangs on the wall, the second a small leporello whose covers are literally rocks.  

See the pics on the right - tell me what you think.  


The culmination of the project is a book. This book deals with the traumas of life that shape us.  Though we may not all experience earth-shattering cataclysm, each of us goes through life-changing events of one sort or another.  This may be as simple as the hurtful discovery that other people's opinions of us are not as we imagined, causing diminished self-confidence and serious reflection on the ways we interact with those we work or live amongst.  


For others, illness or accident may radically change the ability to accomplish things that were previously easy.  For some, the events life throws are harder to bear.  They may involve deep loss, loss of independence or loss of a loved one.


Whatever we suffer, there are lessons to learn.  Trauma can help us realise what is really important to us.  Overcoming its effects, dealing with those things that are suddenly difficult, serves to build an inner strength.  We may find faith, faith in ourselves, faith in others and, perhaps, faith in God as prayers uttered in anguish are answered with a sweet peace and a feeling that we are not forgotten or alone.

There are stories hidden in the pages of this book, personal stories of tragedy faced and mastered with a determination to bring some good from the experience or, at least, to make sure the damage is not more than it need be.  I hope you will find inspiration, compassion and comfort here.

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