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Time Passing

Time Passing July 16-2013 (9) Time Passing July 16-2013 Time Passing July 16-2013 (3)

A hand-sewn leather-bound book

with hidden surprises!

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This book addresses the premise that life’s challenges, however horrible, are learning, refining experiences and attitude is significant in achieving positive outcomes.    I have explored the theme over two years with book-art objects, Adversity Timeline and Rock Book leading to a codex-style book with ‘hidden disruptions’ of the form.  As an art-object, the book engages on many levels, with textures, rustling pages, complex imagery and construction.

It has leather covers, hand-tooled, pierced and stitched, with an exposed spine.  The book is sewn on cords so it opens flat.

( a donation from each sale will be made to the two charities represented by hidden stories in the book, Artists For Trauma and A Little Thunder).

Edition of 10.