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who I am

what I do

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I am an artist living in Suffolk, England. I paint in oils and acrylics on canvas or boards. I also make hand-pulled prints and create artists books.

My images are becoming more abstract, though they usually have a basis in landscape or still-life. I like to work freely and I love colour.


My books are sometimes created in found objects, giving things another life as an artwork and readable book.

Quality and Quirkiness are my watch-words.

Anything that sparks an idea, makes a connection or causes me to wonder, "Could I make that into a book?" is likely to turn up on my workbench.

Most 'found object' books are unique but I do make some editions. My work has been exhibited in Europe and is held in private collections.

About me and what I do

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why I make art;  what I want it to say; why it is the way it is...


faith is fundamental to me.