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Noon …

a Leap-Year Day project

The Noon project, in which photographs were taken at noon on Leap Day, 2012, culminated in three manifestations.  Two are case-bound books with clocks set in the cover.  They bear no title other than the clock, set at noon, and no author/publisher, on the outside of the book.

Version 1 has a clock in the back cover, too.  This one is set at 12.01, the minute that submitters were asked to write about, if they wished.  Their text is printed on a Japanese paper leporello that snakes through holes in the pages of the book.  The photographs are arranged, catalogue style, one to a page and interleaved with pages pierced by cut-out shapes that echo or reveal the picture beneath.

Version 2, bound in plain blue bookcloth, has only one clock.  The photographs are arranged on the right hand pages, with the relevant text on the facing page.

Version 3 became a collection of postcard books, each holding a proportion of the submitted photographs.  They are available in the bookshop.

These books were displayed at the Whitechapel Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery, London, in September, 2012.

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