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A unique book in a pomander box.  

Bookart-Lepidoptera (2) Bookart-Lepidoptera (1)

(N.B. This piece contains real petals and butterfly wings from insects found dead on windowsills).


One summer, as I was sitting in the garden, reading and enjoying the sunshine, I became aware that I was surrounded by butterflies!  There were several different kinds, attracted by the Buddleia bush I was sitting by.  It was a magical experience that I captured in a poem.

Some years later, turning out my studio, I found several dead butterflies who had hibernated on the windowsill.  

Too beautiful to throw away, I began to think about a butterfly book.

'Lepidoptera' combines a pomander box given me by my son, a monoprint from my box of 'discards', dried flower petals and butterfly remains.



Bookart-Lepidoptera (4)