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Journey …

anAtoZ in 3 volumes

In 2012, my husband and I decided to visit his great aunt.  We had never met her but had exchanged Christmas greetings over a number of years. It was a long journey, so she invited us to stay over-night.  

The journey seemed to present possibilities as the subject of a book, so I took my camera along.  The plan was to take a photo every 5 minutes, from the car window, of whatever we were passing at the time.  My husband, an avid photographer, was sceptical but I did it anyway!

After a wonderful visit with our delightful relative and her family, we returned home and I downloaded my photos.

What images they turned out to be!  Not all were in focus but enough were usable for this experience to be classed a success.

Then I concieved the idea for an alphabet book.  

Combined with the travel element, I remembered the London AtoZ I had used years ago, with its iconic cover design.

Journey turned into a series of 3 postcard books.  Each card has an image linked to a letter of the alphabet.Will you recognise the connections?

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